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For marketing professionals, the most pressing question in the social media marketing industry revolves around ROI. “What is the return on investment of my social media initiatives?” “What is the value of a social Facebook fan or Twitter follower?” While the definition of ROI (revenue minus expenses / expenses) is fairly straightforward, understanding how to measure the value of social marketing ROI is more nebulous.

ROI can only be defined when you understand what results provide “value” to your brand. This white paper breaks it down for you by:
  • Looking at a variety of social media marketing studies in order to understand the bevy of ways social can lift your brand.
  • Exploring the social media marketing success cycle, a 3-phase model of growth, engagement, and monetization.
  • Providing real-world examples with case studies to understand how these brands structured their social marketing approaches to result in positive ROI.

Wildfire Interactive, Inc, Wildfire Interactive, Inc:White Paper, Why Social Marketing Will Deliver a Positive ROI for Your Brand, social media, social marketing, twitter
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Wildfire Interactive
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