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Did you know that a 500-person organization could recover as much as $650,000 annually in knowledge-worker labor costs - all by giving staff members an accurate, easy-to-use PDF solution? Now, users can boost productivity and eliminate format-dependency bottlenecks that can hinder workflows and slow down business … all with a better PDF tool.

In this informative webinar, Photizo Group's imaging industry analyst and expert, Jim Lyons shares his experiences of PDF Converter Enterprise 8 and how it really stacks up to Adobe Acrobat XI.

This webinar will cover:
  • Why PDF is critical business software and the future of Nuance PDF solutions
  • How the use of PDF software has evolved
  • The differences between PDF Converter Enterprise and Adobe XI
  • How to select the best PDF software for your business needs
  • How simple it is to create, view, and edit documents with word-processing ease, converting 100% industry-standard PDF files
Discover why PDF Converter Enterprise 8, the latest version of Nuance's flagship enterprise-ready desktop PDF solution, is the smart replacement for Adobe® Acrobat® and how it enables business users to create, view, edit, convert, and collaborate with 100% industry-standard PDF files to deliver maximum value without compromising functionality or ease of use.

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