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Cloud storage providers have aggressively promoted the cloud model as the way forward. And by and large, they are right. Cloud computing has completely rewritten the playbook for how flexible, dynamic, and efficient IT should be. But there is also still much to be said for ownership which has some clear advantages too. For instance, once you get to a petabyte of data it is more cost-effective to store this in-house than on the cloud. Keeping your data in-house also offers local control, visibility, auditability, and service and performance levels you can't often get with a cloud storage service, much less guarantee. So when does it make sense to keep storage in-house versus moving it to the cloud?

Key topics of discussion:
  • Drivers for moving storage to the cloud
  • Drivers for keeping storage in-house
  • Can you achieve cloud-scalable storage on-premise at cloud prices?
  • Examples of companies building cloud-scalable storage in-house
  • When does the hybrid cloud model make sense?

Cleversafe, Inc, Cleversafe, Inc:Live Webinar, When In-House Storage Wins Out Over Cloud, Storage
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