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Now is a great time to examine your Web site and decide if it is due for a redesign. It could be as simple as a graphical facelift or as robust as a ground-up rebuild. This can be a frightening endeavor when Search Engine traffic is added to the equation.
  • What happens to traffic to old Web pages?
  • What happens to Search Engine rankings if the pages are changed or removed?
  • Can the Web site drop in the rankings?
  • How long can it take for the new Web site to be indexed?
  • Is there a risk of the Web site receiving a Spam penalty for duplicate content?
  • How are backlink values transferred to the new site?
Ultimately, a well planned and executed strategy will ensure a smooth transition to a superior Web site with new and optimized content, providing increased value for users and Search Engines.

Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization sition with new & optimized content, providing increased value for users & search engines, new Web site to be indexed, More Visibility, Free WHite paper
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Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization sition with new & optimized content
The resource is available from the link above.
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