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The fundamental must haves in any modern web strategy can be segmented as follows:
  1. Getting (the right) prospects to your point-of-sale, your website, through a variety of marketing channels like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, offline marketing efforts, etc.
  2. Converting prospects to leads directly on your website, for instance through proactive website visitor engagement
  3. Ensuring the continued customer relationship through the implementation of a customer relationship management system and associated strategy built around your existing business processes, along with offering your customers and prospects plenty of unique incentives for them to return to your website regularly and giving them many opportunities to engage with and see your brand on the web
Each of the above are explored in detail as Lars Hilse walks you through the steps towards modernizing your web strategy.

Written by: Lars Hilse - Web Strategy and E-Business Development Consultants

Lars Hilse, Lars Hilse:eBook, Web Strategy 3.0: e-Business Leadership through Customer Centric Internet Platforms - Free 24 Page eBook, customer relationship, social media, web, Marketing, offline marketing, customer relationship management, search engine
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