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Lithium and The CMO Council surveyed over 1,000 consumers and 120 senior marketers at top brands to discover how consumers and brands use social media. They uncovered a clear digital divide between what consumers expect and what brands offer.
  • 72% of consumers use social media to stay engaged with brands. 10% of brands say social is a top priority.
  • 50% of consumers expect to find support on Facebook. 10% of brands provide it.
  • 47% of consumers expect incentives and rewards when they connect with brands online. 7% of brands offer them.
  • 41% of consumers expect to share ideas on Facebook. 9% of brands ask for their input.
Social business advantage in 2012 will go to those brands that cross the divide and deliver real social customer solutions--filling unmet consumer appetites for deeper engagement, more purposeful experiences, and rewards for their participation online.

Download the complete study findings today!

Along with this research study, you will also receive free updates regarding Social Media courtesy of Lithium, the leading provider of social customer solutions that deliver real business results.

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