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In an increasingly globalized and complex supply chain, mismanaged inventory can drive up costs, waste and customer dissatisfaction. Inventory optimization technology provides tools that enable companies to better manage inventory policies and achieve real results. By optimizing performance against business objectives, changing market conditions and supply chain constraints, industry leading companies are realizing reduced inventory costs while maintaining high service levels.

Gain a deeper understanding of the value of Inventory Optimization and how you can implement advanced technology to improve performance. Download the JDA Software thought leadership paper, to learn how you can Unlock the Cash Hidden in Your Supply Chain through Inventory Optimization.

In this paper you will learn how to overcome market challenges and take a strategic approach to rationalize your company's inventory policies based on current demand patterns. By bridging the gap between fluctuating demand patterns and inventory policies, you will discover how your company can quickly uncover unnecessary capital expenditures and reverse this trend.

JDA Software Group, Unlock the Cash in Your Supply Chain with Inventory Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain
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JDA Software Group
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