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United Insurance Group is a subsidiary of Penn Treaty Network America specializing in senior age insurance products and has 15,000+ agents. Their increasing growth was hindered substantially by its in-house commission system in the following ways:
  • Paying agents was labor-intensive and wasting inordinate amounts of time and resources
  • Lack of an automated system for calculations led to errors
  • Agents lost confidence due to inaccuracies and late payments
  • Support staff was inundated with service calls from producers
  • Difficulty designing effective sales incentive plans led to stagnated sales growth
UIG implemented a new system, seeing rapid results after a 90-day implementation period and gaining an ROI in less than 12 months.

UIG Sees Tremendous Growth after Replacing Homegrown System with VUE Software Compensation Management 5.0, Computer Solutions & Software Intl, Penn Treaty Network America, United Insurance Group
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UIG Sees Tremendous Growth after Replacing Homegrown System with VUE Software Compensation Management 5.0
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