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Although economic conditions have forced many companies to restrict travel and rein in spend, it remains a business necessity to master the management of T&E expenses.

Download this Aberdeen benchmark report to better understand how best-in-class companies are using expense management automation to reduce costs and improve control. Find out the methodologies and solutions used to directly improve the bottom line.

Five compelling facts best-in-class companies enjoy compared to all other companies:
  1. Compliance rates are 36% higher.
  2. Costs to process expense reports are 3.7 times lower.
  3. Travelers complete expense reports in 24% less time.
  4. Companies process expense reports for reimbursement 34% faster.
  5. Organizations experience 25% fewer cases of fraud.
How does your company compare? Are you facing the same challenges?

Written by: Aberdeen Group; Presented by: Infor

Travel & Entertainment Expense Management Automation: Reduce Costs, Improve Control, T&E expenses, SAP, SAP Complimentary Report, Aberdeen benchmark report,
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Travel & Entertainment Expense Management Automation: Reduce Costs
The resource is available from the link above.
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