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Unfortunately, managing fraud and misuse can be an uncomfortable reality when it comes to managing Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses in higher education. Satisfying the unique needs of managing T&E spend within a Higher Education environment requires a holistic approach that balances the needs of both the organization and the employee.

Join the University of San Francisco, Concur and the Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management (SCTEM) as they discuss key elements and best practices to limiting and monitoring fraud and misuse. Topics covered in this on-demand webinar include:
  • Developing a proactive policy compliance
  • Gaining visibility through better reporting
  • Examples of fraud prevention rules and tools

Concur Technologies, Inc, Concur Technologies, Inc:On-Demand Webinar, Travel and Expense for Higher Education: Managing Fraud and Misuse,
Offered by
Concur Technologies
The resource is available from the link above.
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