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To ensure that you're strategically aligning inventory to meet your goals, ask yourself:
  1. Is your company segmenting products in a way that distinguishes its unique inventory management characteristics?
  2. Have you right-sized your inventory in a way that minimizes risk?
  3. Do you truly understand customer buying behaviors and can you apply this insight into your inventory strategy?
  4. Are you postponing inventory decisions in a strategic manner?
  5. Are you applying the right replenishment strategy?
Download this white paper and discover the innovative inventory management tools that enable you to develop a deeper understanding of your end-to-end supply chain. With a long-term view and superior Inventory Optimization tools, you can benefit from lessons learned in your supply chain and incorporate that knowledge into future inventory planning. In addition you will discover how leading companies like Fairchild Semiconductors are selecting Inventory Optimization solutions, including delivery modes, that enable them to rapidly achieve business improvement.

JDA Software Group, JDA Software Group:White Paper, Transform Inventory into a Strategic Weapon, Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain
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