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The in-house development approach of test and measurement equipment vendors fits well with the high-risk environment in which they operate and is perfect for the early adopter market who need to remain on the bleeding edge of technology. But, in order to ensure success in the mainstream market, test and measurement equipment vendors must address the need for more affordable test and measurement solutions. The high cost of network test and measurement equipment means that development engineers often do not have access to the test resources they need.

Solutions based on off-the-shelf hardware and software are now possible and provide an opportunity for test and measurement equipment vendors to not only maintain their market and customer base, but even expand their business by making sure that every engineer has access to the test equipment they need.

Please note: This offer is for "Vendors" and not "Users" of network equipment/systems.

Napatech, Inc, Napatech, Inc:White Paper, Traffic Generation for the Mainstream Ethernet Market for Test and Measurement Equipment Vendors, test and measurement, Hardware and Software, network equipment, product development, ethernet, network
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