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Because of the potential upside of business partnership, more and more technology companies are entering into joint marketing partnerships and alliances to promote combined solutions. Many of these companies evaluate partnerships in terms of new sales opportunities. After all, successful partnerships can help companies extend their market reach, bring new, combined solutions to market, and leverage existing customer relationships for the benefits of both companies.

But although the upside of productive marketing partnerships can be vast, execution problems often arise. How can companies avoid common problems and maximize partner marketing success?

This TDA Group white paper explores three key challenges facing technology companies as they establish joint marketing partnerships. It offers recommendations for addressing those challenges based on TDA’s 20+ years of experience producing effective, high-impact content marketing programs for some of the most demanding brands in the industry. These recommendations can be applied by companies of any size, in any industry segment, that are looking to realize the benefits of joint marketing partnerships.

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TDA Group, TDA Group:White Paper, Three Essentials for Maximizing Partner Marketing Success,
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