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This Forrester Research study quantifies the significant benefits that John C. Lincoln Hospitals achieved by implementing Lumension Security's Enterprise Data Protection Solution, including:
  1. Reduced effort required by the IT staff to enforce security policy;
  2. Minimized cost and effort to purchase, maintain, repair, and/or upgrade computers;
  3. Reduced risk/cost of sensitive information removed from the organization via removable devices;
  4. Reduced risk/cost of accidental or intentional malware introduction;
  5. Reallocated IT department resources to provide other services and a quicker response time;
  6. Improved quality of life for the IT staff;
  7. Increased user productivity from improved computer uptime and performance.
This white paper is written by Forrester Research Inc.

The Total Economic Impact of Lumension Security's Sanctuary Application and Device Control, Lumension Security Case Study, Forrester Research Inc., Sponsored by Lumension Security, John C. Lincoln Hospitals, Lumension Security's Enterprise Data Protection
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The Total Economic Impact of Lumension Security's Sanctuary Application and Device Control
The resource is available from the link above.
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