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Corporate crisis management expert Jim Moorhead draws on his personal experience and includes many heartbreaking examples from survivors of a range of calamities. He covers people who've made it through divorce, cancer and drug addiction. As a second theme, though it might be a small stretch, he cites useful experiences from companies faced with corporate emergencies like product recalls and public relations disasters. getAbstract recommends this practical guidebook to a wide audience: employees facing personal trials, HR managers and line managers supervising workers in crises, and executives facing corporate problems.

In this summary you will learn:
  • How to apply methods from corporate crisis management to personal as well as professional crises
  • How to identify and respond to “soft” and “hard” personal crises
  • How to use audits to prepare for and mitigate future calamities

getAbstract, The Instant Survivor: Right Ways to Respond When Things Go Wrong, hr, employee, your people
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