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In today's B2B market, where the customer has access to volumes of infor­mation surrounding their purchase decision, there's been a major shift in the selling paradigm-a shift that all but eliminates "selling" from the process. Now Sales and Marketing professionals must insert themselves into the custom­er's purchasing process at a much earlier stage, helping the customer buy, through an intelligent, dynamic nurturing cycle.

B2B automated lead nurturing is comprised of three primary components-lead scoring, valuable content and dynamic messaging, all driven by pros­pects' behavior and profile. In a B2B environment, nurturing programs have one goal in mind-delivering interested, qualified leads to Sales in real time.

This eBook will give you the fifteen crucial steps needed to ensure success in developing:
  • Effective lead scoring
  • Appropriate, engaging content for each step in the sales cycle
  • Proven techniques for creating and optimizing B2B lead nurturing programs

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The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook
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