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Proactive communications ease the cost and complexity of maintaining a multichannel customer service by, for example, initiating communications with customers likely to need or want it, thus pre-empting inbound customer service calls. In The Emergence of Proactive Communications in Customer Service, you'll learn about a range of technologies that will help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer experience and retention.

Learn how proactive communications can help you:
  • Apply business logic in choosing the best channel to reach a specific customer
  • Alleviate the resource allocation issues associated with a multichannel strategy
  • Improve customer satisfaction under tight budget constraints
  • Turn your company from a responsive into a proactive player
Join a rapidly growing number of companies who are using proactive communications to manage multiple channels for an increasingly diverse customer base.

The Emergence of Proactive Communications in Customer Service, Genesys, Genesys Complimentary White Paper, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR), diverse customer base
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The Emergence of Proactive Communications in Customer Service
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