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It wasn't so long ago that email was considered a corporate perk - a nice-to-have capability for employees and remote workers. Now, email is practically in the same category as heating and lighting – most workers, and certainly all knowledge workers expect email connectivity as part of their work environment. Today, rich media solutions for conferencing and collaboration, driven by video and web conferencing technologies, are making the same transition. Written by Wainhouse Research, this white paper:
  • Addresses the business challenges
  • Explains the soft and hard benefits of videoconferencing
  • Outlines videoconferencing today
  • Provides real world examples of how videoconferencing can yield significant improvements

The Business Case for Videoconferencing – Achieving a Competitive Edge, Polycom, Polycom Complimentary White Paper, email connectivity, rich media solutions, Wainhouse Research,
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The Business Case for Videoconferencing Â? Achieving a Competitive Edge
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