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While Twitter, for instance, is a widely popular microblogging platform, it is not ideal for most business applications. That's why a microblogging solution designed specifically for the enterprise, particularly one that interfaces with your organization's existing platform, can be so powerful.

Internal microblogging within the enterprise has become an increasingly effective and prevalent tool that organizations can use to promote faster problem solving, bridge silos, reduce email clutter and increase productivity. Indeed, with Gartner predicting that 80% of social software platforms will include enterprise microblogging as a standard feature by 2011, there should be little doubt about the future durability of this important enterprise tool.

This NewsGator white paper will provide you with valuable information and insight into microblogging in the enterprise, including:
  • Why microblogging?
  • Enterprise microblogging use cases
  • Why do enterprises need an internal microblogging platform?
  • Microblogging functions/features to consider
  • Microblogging in NewsGator Social Sites

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The Benefits of Microblogging in the Enterprise
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