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Beyond the time-consuming and expensive initial cyber security assessment it is critical to maintain the controls that have been put in place. This white paper highlights the configuration and change management capabilities required to maintain cyber controls throughout the lifecycle of the nuclear facility.
  • Configuration management and change control are mandated in cyber security guidelines, including NIST, NEI, and critical infrastructure protection.
  • For cyber security tools to comply with the NIST and NEI guidelines proper configuration change control mechanisms must be inherently and fundamentally part of the software.
  • Security Configuration Management cannot be successfully maintained in isolation. It is, by definition, embedded in the entire asset lifecycle and must form part of the fundamentals that make up an organization's asset lifecycle information man­agement (ALIM) policy.
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Bentley Systems, Inc, Bentley Systems, Inc:White Paper, The Anatomy of an Effective Nuclear Cyber Security Solution,
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Bentley Systems
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