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Strict regulatory requirements. Highly competitive environments. Globalization. Ever-growing amounts of performance data. Increasing pressure to do more with less. The imperative to be demand driven. It's no wonder that measuring, reporting and overall business performance are hot topics. Companies in every industry are seeking ways to get a clear, accurate views of operational performance. Essentially, they need an effective, reliable approach to connect operational performance to financial results.

Rod Clarke, an independent consultant researched this topic and produced "The 1% Solution," an executive report with a proposition as profound as it is simple. In "The 1% Solution," Clarke identifies seven core operational measures that can be leveraged to fine-tune a company's enterprise-wide business processes and achieve a higher return on capital employed. He found that each of these core measures positively affects the financial state of a company, in addition to its overall performance.

In this Executive Report ... find out how to connect the seven core operational measures for success in the boardroom with activity at the shop floor and with the customer by cascading the measures through the organization and measuring what its done in a relevant, achievable way.

Use this Report as an actionable framework to drive financial performance.

Infor, Infor White Paper, The 1% Solution: How to Drive your Financial Performance, Seven Measures to Drive Your Financial Performance: The 1% Report, Strict regulatory requirements. Highly competitive environments. Globalization. Ever-growing amounts of
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