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As markets globalize, change accelerates, and customer expectations rise to new levels, the walls of the warehouse are coming down. Now, companies must manage extended supply chains with increasing precision. They must gain clear visibility into their warehouse inventories as well as upstream and downstream logistical activities. To address these challenges, best-in-class companies have invested in advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMSs) that automate and extend their capabilities.

If you're now contemplating an investment in advanced WMS, you may be facing a critical decision. You may have to choose whether to upgrade your existing WMS system or "rip and replace" it to obtain desired capabilities. This paper discusses the top questions to consider before making a decision.

Taking Warehouse Management Systems to the Next Level: 5 Key Questions to Answer Before You Act, Infor, Infor Free White Paper, Warehouse Management Systems (WMSs)
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Taking Warehouse Management Systems to the Next Level: 5 Key Questions to Answer Before You Act
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