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The multichannel environment is becoming increasingly critical to the success of a retailer's business. Research shows that cross-channel shoppers spend 30-50% more than shoppers who buy through a single channel. But as the opportunities increase, so do the challenges of cross-channel marketing and sales. Retailers are under increased pressure from more discerning customers to deliver a consistent and value-creating cross-channel experience.

In this 1to1 Executive Dialogue, Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Tony Compton, director of solutions marketing at Infor, address the multichannel challenges retailers face as well as the opportunities they can capture by developing a better understanding of consumers at every point in the retail ecosystem.

Published by: Peppers & Rogers Group

Infor, Infor Complimentary Executive Dialogue, Tackling the Cross-Channel Challenge in Retail, Retail, multichannel challenges, profitable opportunities, multichannel environment, retailer's business, cross-channel shoppers, marketing, sales, retailers
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