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Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (IEMs) face fundamental changes in the way they do business. A dramatic shift in this vast market around the globe has suddenly made it possible for those firms with vision, strategy, and flexible supply chains to rapidly capture market share.

Combined with ailing economies and customers around the globe who are short of cash, the ability of industrial equipment manufacturers to effectively manage their operations—and those of their supply-chain partners—will likely determine their successes or failures (and perhaps survival) in coming years.

Succeeding in Today's Industrial Equipment Markets will help industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers better compete and succeed by examining the:
  • Changing IEM customer market (for example, demand for increasing value at the same or decreasing cost, expectations of non-product services, and support).
  • Challenges facing IEMs as they attempt to leverage market changes (for example, coordinating and improving upstream efforts with suppliers with their own operations and those of customers).
  • Skills and tools needed to address changes and challenges (for example, moving beyond traditional buy-sell relationship with customers and information technologies to improve demand visibility and connect with customers and suppliers).
Published by The MPI Group; Sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics

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