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Even in today's so-called information age where powerful information processing platforms exist, a fully electronic design change process is almost unheard of. Existing processes offer very little assistance to the design engineer responsible for preparing, reviewing, and coordinating the impact of the design change and performing the closeout process.

This free white paper describes the elements required for a fully automated electronic design engineering solution that links each step of the process, including:
  • Problem identification and resolution, including problem identification, analysis, and deploying corrective and performance improvement actions
  • Change requests, including change impact analysis, technical reviews, and scoping the problem and determining resource needs
  • Change disposition, including resource allocation, design development and planning coordination, and review and approval
  • Implementation
  • Effectiveness reviews, closeout, and baseline
Benefits of a fully electronic design engineering process include:
  • Cost savings by reducing the need to recreate information
  • Enhanced decision support by ensuring quality information
  • Improved worker safety
  • Improves compliance with industry regulations
Download this free white paper today!

Bentley Systems, Inc, Bentley Systems, Inc:White Paper, Striving to Maintain the Nuclear Design Basis,
Offered by
Bentley Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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