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Join this webinar on April 24th at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST to learn about Statoil's Integrated Environmental Monitoring (IEM) solution which analyzes data-in-motion for real-time monitoring of environmental data, and early detection of and response to operational events surrounding offshore installations. IEM is powered by IBM big data technologies to measure, process and analyze large amounts of live physical, biological and chemical data generated by sensors and cameras attached around an offshore installation.

Attendees will learn how Statoil uses big data analytics to:
  • Analyze high volumes of data-in-motion for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Detect and respond earlier to operational events such as production leaks or other abnormalities surrounding offshore installations
  • Increase the company's ability to achieve its target of zero harmful discharges

IBM Corporation, IBM Corporation:Live Webinar, Statoil: Analyzing Data-In-Motion for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring, environmental, energy companies, big data, oil, Energy, analytics, oil and gas, Oil & Gas
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