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Business takes on many shapes and sizes but no matter where your business is in the spectrum, chances are you are experiencing heightened customer demands and the desire to make your employees more productive, all while remaining competitive. How are you keeping pace with these demands while also focusing on growing your employees and your business?

Colby Gaines, co-founder of Leftfield Productions, manages three businesses and scaled from five to more than seventy employees over just a few short months. He's discovered a new route to enhancing productivity that he didn't know existed, and has streamlined the efficiencies of his employees such that they have more time to respond to customer requests. For his business, the new IP-based communication system Avaya IP Office has been a strategic tool. Watch this video to see IP Office in action at Leftfield Productions.

Avaya, Start Small, Grow Big: Innovations in Small Business Communications, small business, phone system, communication system, Customer Service, customer, communication, start-up
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