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Your organization's most important asset is the knowledge your workers hold. With today's transient workforce and the large percentage of nuclear workers approaching retirement age, it is critical to implement a system that will capture their knowledge in an efficient, usable way.

This white paper discusses information technology that enables you to identify, manage, and relate knowledge from best practices, human experience, industry communities of practice, changes to plant configuration, regulations, training, lessons learned, and more.

Knowledge presented through existing business processes provides significant business value because:
  • It is trustworthy and applicable to relevant tasks
  • It is accessible and reusable
  • It presents lessons learned, opportunities, and best practices in context
Download this free white paper today!

Bentley Systems, Inc, Bentley Systems, Inc:White Paper, Solving the Brain Drain for Nuclear and Power Generation,
Offered by
Bentley Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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