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This guide focuses on “Social Media Marketing” (SMM) technology. In contrast to the “defensive” and passive nature of Social Monitoring software, SMM solutions focus on “offensive” marketing capabilities that drive consumer engagement, action, and results.

SMM efforts tend to be focused on the following key goals:
  • Increasing exposure/awareness/visibility
  • Driving traffic (e.g., to websites)
  • Generating leads/driving customer acquisition
  • Providing marketplace insight
  • Increasing sales conversions
  • Building brands
This guide gives you the tools to evaluate solutions and vendors based on your company's goals and priorities. It specifies the capabilities and features required for an effective SMM solution and lays out a process to guide you to selecting the best solution for your specific needs.

Wildfire Interactive, Inc, Wildfire Interactive, Inc:Guide, Social Media Marketing: Solution Evaluation and Selection Guide, social media, social IT, it solutions, Marketing, Sales, customer, it organization
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