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In this challenging marketplace, your direct marketing strategy needs to be streamlined for success. Learn marketing lessons from past historical recessions, apply them to today's technology, and lead your organization into tomorrow.

Businesses understand they must take action to survive but have questions on creating online leverage with a tightened ad spend. This white paper teaches how to increase effectiveness and build a foundation for growth through sound, fundamental marketing practices. Key points include:
  1. Common reactions during a recession
  2. Anecdotal solutions to these reactions
  3. 5 simple tips for Direct Marketing during a recession
You will gain critical insight to give you the proper perspective when creating an online marketing strategy. This is a must-read for businesses seeking to build a foundation for growth in today's economy.

Smart Marketing: Marketing Fundamentals During the Recovery, Nett Solutions, Nett Solutions Complimentary White Paper, internet marketing, advertising campaign, economic downturn
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Smart Marketing: Marketing Fundamentals During the Recovery
The resource is available from the link above.
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