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The Internet is about content. People aren't primarily surfing for pretty colors or fancy flash intros. They're looking for information that addresses immediate needs. With more than 100 million Web sites sprawled across the virtual horizon, there's a mammoth amount of content accessible from a mouse click. Such a quantum of data ensures there's a lot out there that interests an individual; and way more that doesn't. Sorting through reams of data to get to what interests them is something people now expect to do with minimal fuss. So things couldn't be more straightforward for content providers, right?

This white paper with explore how with CrownPeak's CMS you can make that content easily accessible while retaining the value you had originally intended for it.

Selling Content in the 'Free World' and How your CMS Can Help, CrownPeak, CrownPeak Free White Paper, content providers,online marketers, effective CMS
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Selling Content in the 'Free World' and How your CMS Can Help
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