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In a perfect world nothing would be easier than connecting online supply with online demand via the search engines. In reality, the situation is much more complex than simply getting your e-commerce site live, especially if the competitive landscape is impenetrable and if your site was designed without paying attention to the factors that are so vital for online survival.

In order to attract the right level of online client, an e-commerce site must be optimized. The most important aspects are featuring content that focuses on the right search terms and having high-quality inbound link structure. Unfortunately, most web design agencies lack the required know-how and create e-commerce sites that look good but don't rank well.

In this white paper Bloofusion will divulge the seven most common pitfalls they witness in our daily work, with the recurring themes being: lack of optimized content, insufficient linking, structural issues and neglect of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce Sites: The Seven Most Common Pitfalls, Free White Paper, Bloofusion,
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Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce Sites: The Seven Most Common Pitfalls
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