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Outsourcing sales and marketing functions can simultaneously save money and increase revenue to help businesses thrive in economically challenging times. With its core competencies in recruiting, training and managing people, reputable outsourcing is able to maximize a budget more efficiently than internal staffing. Highly effective and cost-efficient at quickly launching a full team in record time, the outsourced model offers businesses the security of shared risk with pay-for-performance compensation. Also, contracting sales executives to an external model improves the bottom line by moving labor to a variable expense that may be terminated with little notice. With deep experience, best-practice learning and industry knowledge, a contracted staff is also highly effective at identifying the most lucrative routes to market; generating revenue at a quicker pace than an in-house team is able to.

Sales and Marketing Opportunities in Today's Climate: Key Reasons to Outsource for Growth in a Declining Economy, MarketStar, MarketStar Free White Paper, outsourcing of sales and marketing functions
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Sales and Marketing Opportunities in Today's Climate: Key Reasons to Outsource for Growth in a Declining Economy
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