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By providing access to large volumes of disparate research data, Pipeline Pilot automates scientific data analysis, enabling scientists to rapidly explore, visualize and report research results and collaborate with the wider scientific community. Can one quantify the value of such an offering? Axios Partners set out to do so. Using an approach developed at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and highlighted as best practice in the Harvard Business Review, Axios collected customer data and benchmarked the value of Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot platform.

This white paper outlines the methodology, sources of value, and quantifiable results from bringing products to market faster, avoiding unproductive experiments, saving developer time, and more.

Download this white paper today to understand the value Pipeline Pilot can bring to your organization.

Accelrys Software, Accelrys Software:White Paper, Quantifying the Value of Pipeline Pilot, the Accelrys Scientific Enterprise Platform, scientific, scientist
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