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Despite all the technology available, your ability to reach, engage, and influence marketing executives at leading brands and agencies is still limited. While buyer personas, surveys, and search marketing data can get you in the ballpark, we believe social media insights are now a “must-have” for understanding senior marketers in a way that becomes truly actionable.

With this in mind, Leadtail developed the B2B Social Insights Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter to provide social media insights into the patterns and behaviors of marketing decision makers. Using Leadtail’s B2B Social Marketing technology to analyze data from Twitter, this report reveals insights about marketing executives to help you answer questions such as:

  • Which social networks should you invest your time and effort in?
  • Is mobile something that you should prioritize?
  • Which media publications should you advertise with?
  • What topics should you create content around?
  • Who should you get to speak at your events?

Armed with these social media insights, you can now take a more informed look at your strategy for reaching, engaging, and influencing marketing decision makers to take the actions you care most about. 

Leadtail, Leadtail:Report, Q1 2013 B2B Social Insights Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter,
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