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Cloud technology has the ability to connect employees that are deployed in geographically disperse locations and provide real-time visibility to decision-makers. At the same time, this technology can offer financial benefits to organizations that do not have sufficient internal IT resources or cannot afford a large up-front capital expenditure. Still, some industries, notably manufacturing have been slow to accept cloud technology. On the other hand, Aberdeen's SaaS and Cloud ERP Observations: Is Cloud ERP Right for You? found that 64% of professional services firms are willing to consider a cloud solution in comparison to 56% for a traditional on-premise solution. This report, composed of data from three Aberdeen surveys, will illustrate the reasons the cloud solutions are especially attractive for professional services firms, the capabilities that are enabled by cloud solutions, and the benefits received by organizations that implement a cloud solution to run their business.

Aberdeen Group, Professional Services Automation in the Cloud: Maximizing Employee Value,
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Aberdeen Group
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