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The intense competition among software suppliers for market leadership in automotive and electronics industries has caused a lack of attention to the industrial and commercial machinery manufacturing sector. As a result, companies making machines driving production across all market sectors have faced a higher barrier to entry in adopting e-business and IT tools that empower new efficiencies in other areas of manufacturing.

Observers have tried to lay blame for this challenge at the feet of the manufacturers. However, historically, the sector has been progressive in incorporating new technologies when providers have addressed the problems these manufacturers face. The sector's progress, or lack of it, is directly associated with the indifference of software vendors toward the industrial machinery market. This indifference also results in the sector's ineffectiveness to address five key business issues:
  • Manufacturing versus engineering focus
  • Complex, low-volume production demands
  • Inefficient business processes
  • Global outsourcing
  • Prior bad experience with software implementations
For industrial equipment manufacturing companies and the software vendors that serve them, the recognition and response to these issues can no longer be delayed.

Made2Manage, Made2Manage White Paper, Process Efficiencies and Cost-Cutting Measures for Industrial and Commercial Machinery Manufacturers, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, industrial equipment manufacturing, e-business and IT tools
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