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Is your ERP becoming outdated; lacking speed, flexibility and responsiveness to complex production environments? Are your business operations growing, product range expanding and supply chain going global? Find out the extent to which technology can help you and what options exist. You may think upgrading your ERP is the answer but find out what benefits can be found with best of breed planning and scheduling technologies. This white paper examines:
  • Planning and scheduling options for boosting productivity in your plants.
  • How solutions vary according to the Food & Beverage manufacturing style.
  • Additional benefits that come from advanced applications, such as more accurate order promising and more effective 'what-if' scenario planning.
The planning and scheduling functionality of years past no longer provides the responsiveness and agility your business needs. Download this white paper to learn more.

Infor, Infor:White Paper, Planning and Scheduling in the 21st Century, ERP, Manufacturing, Beverages, Food, production
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