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It shouldn't be a battle. Suppliers and retailers both have a stake in reducing supply chain frictions and costs. And both bear a compliance burden. The cost of establishing and executing processes to ensure compliance is a significant drag on supplier and retailer profitability, but the cost of compliance failure—deductions and the errors that instigate them—is even greater. This white paper examines the issues surrounding supply chain compliance and offers solutions that can help to reduce the deduction burden. The topics included in this white paper are:
  • Compliance Guides: Complexity Rules
  • Deductions are not all Created Equal
  • The Costs of (Non) Compliance
  • Paths to Greater Compliance

Request Your Free White Paper, Paths out of the Compliance Quagmire: Plugging a Multi-Billion-Dollar Hole, Learn how investing in systems and processes that increase compliance can achieve sizable returns for both suppliers and retailers, Inovis, Complian
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