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Effectively reaching an online audience – and meeting their expectations – has grown increasingly complex. Beginning with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, devices, browsers, and connectivity have become increasingly fractured, presenting a wide range of challenges to content providers looking to deliver a consistent and engaging experience to business users and consumers. While expectations differ depending on context, users across all profiles are demanding better performance.

This webinar will evaluate the landscape and examine suggestions for making smart trade-offs and design choices to ensure an effective, consistent service delivery to the largest number of devices, while recognizing key financial and technical considerations.

Key topics of discussion:
  • How do user expectations vary by platform and use case?
  • What are the limiting factors in user experience and performance?
  • Which industries and application types are particularly performance-sensitive?
  • How do you balance server, client, and data solutions?
  • Considerations for in-house development and choosing vendor partners.

Akamai, Akamai:Live Webinar, Optimizing the Cross-Platform Experience,
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