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Global corporations, especially those with large operations in the west, are constantly seeking to reduce costs, improve bottom lines, and create "quarterly results" magic in the least possible time. When such dictates are handed down from the boardroom, the management goes into a flurry of exploring avenues. Typically, the first recommendation off the bat is to explore India, and setting up an Indian operation to achieve those magical numbers. After the initial brew-ha-ha about Offshoring, job losses, and so on have died down within the company, a fatalistic sense of helplessness settles in. The management team is up against the wall, wondering how it would start achieving the impossible-and the headaches have just begun. Foreword written by renown venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

This excerpt includes Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Leader from "Offshoring Secrets: Building and Running a Successful India Operation".

Happy About, Offshoring Secrets: Building and Running a Successful India Operation, offshoring
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