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The best companies don't cut marketing spending in a downturn, they do the opposite. They know that even the toughest market conditions still provide plenty of opportunity. It's been said that “Every adversity carries a seed of equal or greater benefit.” The thought leaders interviewed in this book will help you and your business find the silver lining in those dark clouds by adopting creative, compelling, and low-cost/high-return marketing strategies. Learn new ways to devise new strategies to overcome economic turmoil, and execute new tactics to win, sustain and grow new business. We all live in interesting times, but the best marketers and leaders are made during times of extraordinary challenges. This eBook is a collection of wisdom from every day marketing heroes who are making their way in industry day by day. It also puts forth a framework for giving a boost to your existing marketing plan in a downturn or jumpstarting your marketing plan if you don't already have one.

NetLine Corporation, a premier online lead generation services provider for B2B marketers is offering this eBook in partnership with MarketingSavant.

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NetLine Corporation
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