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Infrastructure assets are unique due to their scale, complexity, and life expectancy. Over the considerable lifetime of an infrastructure asset, change - both within and from without - is an inevitable and unavoidable fact of life. It can be predictable or unexpected, manageable or catastrophic, beneficial or disastrous, significant or inconsequential, inevitable or avoidable.

This free white paper discusses:
  • The challenges faced by infrastructure asset owners from an information technology perspective as they grapple with issues associated with change
  • Unique information technology requirements needed to support effective decision making in highly engineered environments
  • The keys to managing changing information, not only across the lifecycle of these assets, but also across information silos and disparate functional groups
  • The requirements and rationale for effective information technology systems that enable both management of change as well as the ability to leverage change to your advantage

Bentley Systems, Inc, Bentley Systems, Inc:White Paper, Managing and Leveraging Change in Infrastructure Assets,
Offered by
Bentley Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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