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The impact Maintenance, Repair, and Operations can have on corporate performance is regularly misinterpreted and undervalued by manufacturing organizations. Too many companies inaccurately think MRO consists solely of waiting for an asset to go down, and then fixing or replacing it. By taking this approach, companies will miss out on improving production capacity while reducing their inventory investment. Aberdeen's December 2011 Enterprise Asset Management in 2012: A Data Driven Predictive Approach to Maintenance revealed how 119 asset intensive manufacturers use asset management strategies to improve profitability and stay competitive in the marketplace. In this Analyst Insight, they will delve into how a well-executed MRO program can improve asset management and inventory optimization. This report will serve as a guide for maintenance and reliability professionals looking to improve the availability, reliability, and safety of their assets, people, and products.

Aberdeen Group, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) in Asset Intensive Industries,
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Aberdeen Group
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